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Love Up Her Ass - Ashley


"Oh yeah, that was fucking hot! Now I want that ass!" 

he exclaims and rolls the girl onto the bed face down, 

pulls up her skirt and tears her hose and shoves his 

cock into her virgin asshole as she screams.

"NO! PLEASE! NOT THAT!" the girl screamed one boy 

grabbed her hair and pulling her head up while another 

sides inside her and tells Kevin to get up and have her 

suck him off. 

Kevin gets in between Ashley and the bed and unzips his 

pants and pulls her head down to his hardened member 

and slides it into her warm, wet mouth. “Yeah, suck it, 

you slut!” he groans as she bobs her head up and down 

while Devin fucks her ass. The entire sexy scene is 

being filmed, or at least Ashley is being filmed with a 

cock in her mouth.

After Devin fires a load into her rectum and Kevin 

spurts into her mouth, the guys all switch places and 

continue filming her being fucked from behind and face 

fucked over and over again.

Mike begins fucking her tight ass through the black 

nylons while she is face fucked by Dan as Kevin films 

her slurping his cock. The camera pans over and also 

shows her tight, nylon covered ass with her miniskirt 

lifted up, being pounded by Mike’s hard member.

Muffled sounds of sobbing are all that escape her 

mouth, as she is double penetrated by the two teens. 

After Mike fires his seed into her, he rape merry go 

round continues.

As one guy fucks her ass, another abuses her mouth 

while she is filmed like a whore. Only her cum sucking 

mouth is shown in the frame. After they have each taken 

another turn with Ashley, she is tied up while the guys 

take a break to smoke another joint.

When they finish, they are horny and high and ready to 

nail the hot young thing again. She cries when she sees 

the four boys return to the room where she is tied up 

on the bed. 

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